2015 10 04 | Vilnius

Just came back from electro-acoustic music festival AHEAD in Vilnius, where I was playing my Box.Untitled.2014 piece together with V.Oskinis and…

2015 04 23 | Den Haag

CURSUS_andrius arutiunian_dag in de branding

I have been invited to give a series of lectures on contemporary music at Dag in de Branding – one of the most important contemporary music festivals in the Netherlands. Contemporary music is a huge, complex and sometimes confusing subject, which might occasionally be hard to get accustomed to. The purpose of this new lecture-series is to provide an exciting and culturally-informed way of engaging to new music and to present a wider context of the musical culture we are living within. This course is meant for music-lovers, non-professionals, culture aficionados and most importantly people who are courageous enough to keep their ears open.

For more info and registration (the course is in English and free of charge):


2015 04 12 | Den Haag, Leiden

Tulpmania andrius arutiunian

Performing live at TULPMANIA – collaborative piece developed by T.I.M.E. and Composition department Master students at the Royal Conservatoire The Hague. The project deals with the theme of the so-called “tulpmania” – 17th century economic bubble involving tulips, Dutch-men and financial machinations. Following performances will be held in Hortus Botanicus, Leiden (where the first tulips in the Netherlands were grown), as well as during the Museumnacht Leiden.

2015 03 28 | Utrecht

trio rodin andrius arutiunian

Premièring my new piece for piano trio and live electronics at the Gaudeamus Muziekweek Sessions, together with Trio Rodin.

2015 01 28 | Vilnius


Ensemble Synaesthesis is recording its first CD with several works of mine among some pieces by American composer Ethan Braun and Lithuanian artist Dominykas Digimas. I am looking forward to work on the mixing/mastering sessions and the CD itself should be released some time later this year.

2015 01 17 | Den Haag

khz kollektiv1

Performing with kHz kollektiv – an ensemble playing with 60-90′s synths, tape machines and everything that falls under “analogue” category. After some months of intense preparations we finally premièred our live soundtrack to “The Lodger”, a captivating silent film by Alfred Hitchcock. Extremely interesting project, so will be looking forward to the following performances!

2014 10 25 | Kaunas


Performing at the new media and music festival “Centras” in Kaunas, Lithuania. The fifth performance of my Box.Untitled.2014. as well as its Lithuanian première which was prepared in collaboration with Karolis Variakojis and Vytautas Oškinis.

2014 10 13 | London

A soundscape I have recorded via online stream of the Maidan protests in Kiev back in spring 2014, has been broadcast on the BBC World Service program as part of their World Update Soundscapes Project.
What struck me here were the sonic aspects of the whole scene – one can clearly hear how the protesters are beating some metal objects against something that could be some metal sheets. This was apparently done by people behind the front lines – usually elderly women – to signal the side and directions that the police and the special forces were approaching from. The apparent polyphony of sound and rhythm as well as the political context of this scene still strikes me whenever I listen to this recording.

audio link:

2014 06 28 | Nicosia

Participating in two-week long Erasmus IP artistic residency in Nicosia, Cyprus, during which I had the opportunity to develop a new multimedia piece for two percussionists, live electronics and video. For more information: