Armen is a study of vernacular Armenian disco music. Based on the diasporic Armenian music releases (in the form of cassettes, vinyls, and VHS tapes), it proposes an alternative speculative sonic and historic scenario.

Hand-print lathe cut vinyl
First edition of 16


“History runs in circles. Skewed, irregular circles, rhythmical and completely dissonant ellipses. I also heard that there are places in the world where rivers run in circles, where gold-headed fish bump into each other, and lonely ethnographers record their echoing clinks.” <…> Humming is very important. You see, we know all the melodies, I’m just not sure I remember… Those instinctive rhythms and loops — my head is spinning, we can never get away from them. This is how they communicate in these islands, they are humming, calling out, back and forth, blending into a single voice, and this voice is carrying spores.” – Monika Kalinauskaitė in her essay “Armen”