Gharib is a forthcoming series of sound works connected to sonic dissent and the idea of dissonance outside of Western musical traditions. The notion of gharib̄ has been long associated with the underground, clandestine activities of music making, the early psychotropic substance trade, and political dissent. At the same time, it’s a word that permutes different linguistic and sonic traditions in the Middle East, Levant, and Caucasus. While gharıb̄‘s meanings overlap with its Western counterpart unheimlich, its implications are quite different – “gharıb̄ is also very much of place; it is defined as much by its entrances and encounters as by its exits and departures.” (Michael Pifer).

In the Gharib series, the idea of sonic dissent, dissonance as a historiographic phenomenon, and the relation between tuning, tension, and time is studied through newly designed resonating objects, large-scale composition, and a collection of electronic tracks. Esoteric tuning systems, found sonic objects, songs of illicit origin, mistranslations, aural fabrications, and scores that notate both music and digestive tracts all form the fabric of this upcoming body of work.