You Do Not Remember Yourself is an instrument made of a 6 meter-long brass sheet. It departs from the idea that the late French philosopher Jean-Luc Nancy formulated: “Resonance is an oscillation of the world to myself and of myself to the world via which the two take place.” Following this logic, the instrument plays with the idea of natural resonance, while the shape of the instrument does not remember itself – it is flexible and can be rearranged in different forms depending on the space it finds itself in. The instrument vibrates and resonates through a number of surface transducers attached to its metallic body. Filtered, reverberating and delayed sounds emerge throughout the curves of the brass sheet, leaking into the air, retuned by the body of instrument itself. Any music can be played through the instrument, and the artist makes or curates its musical output.

Co-produced by CTM Festival Berlin, Deutschlandfunk Kultur, Centrala Space Birmingham, and Armenia Pavilion at the 59th Venice Biennale.