Three to Midnight, 2023

A Gift That Keeps On Giving, 2023

Kayīb, 2022

The Book of Gharīb, 2022

Arizona Club, 2022

You Do Not Remember Yourself, 2022

Do Not Fear, Then!, 2022

Room with sound installation called Do Not Fear, Then! by Andrius Arutiunian

Seven Common Ways of Disappearing, 2022

An installation view of Andrius Arutiunian piece with two speakers, a vinyl player, and carpets at Venice Biennale

Gharīb, 2021

Synthetic Exercises, 2021

We, The Chorus, 2019

Voyages, 2018

Armen, 2017

Four Essays, 2020

I Track You Sometimes, 2016

The Irresistible Powers of Silent Talking, 2021